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BMW 535d

>> Tuesday, 25 December 2007

At the 2007 Detroit Auto Show, BMW was prominently displaying their diesel engine technology, particularly the latest 3.0L twin turbocharged in-line six cylinder. At the time, BMW spokesman Daniel Kammerer told us that BMW would be introducing that diesel engine to the U.S. market later in 2008. BMW still hasn't said which vehicles would get the diesel although it's expected that that the first installations will be in the X5 SUV and 5 series sedans and possibly the new X6 crossover.

Here at the AutoblogGreen Garage we just couldn't wait another whole year to try out a diesel BMW and when we found out that Bosch had one the pestering began. As a supplier of diesel engine fuel and emission control systems, Bosch has a vested interest in the success of diesel engines. To that end, they have brought over a fleet of European diesel vehicles, many of which are expected to be on sale in the US over the next couple of years. Earlier this year we sampled the Chrysler 300 and Smart ForTwo diesels. The Chrysler in particular was very impressive, but this BMW was in a whole different class. Find out how the BMW 535d fared in the ABG Garage after the jump.

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