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New Toyota Estima 2010

>> Sunday, 7 March 2010

Toyota had unveiled the 'NEW' 2010 Estima in Japan. Featuring a newly designed front end that is not actually much better looking than the previous version. Well, what's new, that's what makes Toyota having more than 100 different models selling at any given time in all corners of the world (Except Korea).

Let's go to the styling then, as there weren't much technological innovation here, there are four different styles to choose from (altering the front and side skirts of course), from Modellista, Wald to Kenn (I have no idea what were they, perhaps some random english words). As for the interior, there are also four options available as you've guessed it by now, includes a complete black, and another beige of varying degrees of boringness.

Newly added features is a adaptive cruise control, which is very common thing nowadays where its able to keep you a safe distance from the vehicle up front, but unlike the second generation of such systems in the Volvo XC60 (where it brakes the car to a halt without you doing anything)

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