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Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG

>> Monday, 11 May 2009

Following the recent introduction of the W212 E-class, Mercedes wasted little time in introducing its performance flagship model, the E63 AMG at the New York auto show last month. The published figures, though not unexpected, still make for interesting reading: 6.2 litres, eight cylinders, 525 horses, and 630Nm - a formidable force by any reckoning.

For the next round of engagements in the super saloon arena, the manufacturers are veering away from battling each other with just brute horsepower. A greater emphasis will be placed on efficiency and economy, with efforts on weight reduction and various energy saving measures coming to the forefront. Mercedes quotes improved consumption figures compared to the W211 E63, thanks in no small part to efforts such as brake energy regeneration, and a concerted effort to reduce in-engine friction
From the initial info made available to us, this car holds little surprises. It’s standard AMG fare here, but that’s fine, because there’s little wrong with AMG’s usual handiwork. Like all good AMG Mercs, the E63 cloaks its nuclear firepower under a skin of understated aggression in its bodywork.

Like before, Mercedes has opted to go with high capacity and natural aspiration in the engine for their latest AMG E, with the M156 engine under the hood once again. For the W212, the 6,208cc V8 produces a useful 525bhp and 630Nm, while achieving an impressive 12.6 litres / 100km fuel consumption figure.

Among new features engineered into the powerplant include an improved water cooling system, brake energy regeneration, and on-demand fuel delivery and generator management - all pointing to the direction of improved efficiency. The cylinder walls are finished by a twin-wire arc spray coating process to keep in-engine friction down to a minimum.
Drive to the rear wheels are channeled by a 7-speed semi-automatic transmission dubbed the AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT, which uses a wet clutch in place of the usual torque converter. Featuring four driving modes (Controlled Efficiency, Sport, Sport Plus & Manual), Mercedes claims shift times as quick as 0.1 seconds in manual mode. On the road, this translates to a century sprint lasting 4.5 seconds en route to the electronically limited 250kph top speed.

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