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Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

>> Thursday, 17 July 2008

(Quotes from Mitsubishi's Hideyuki Iwata)

Hideyuki Iwata (Project Manager / C-seg Product Development Projects / Product Development Group Headquarters), speaks about the planning and design of the Lancer Evolution X.

“Lancer Evolution just keeps on evolving. The latest Evolution is the tenth iteration in the series and I would like to briefly describe the evolutionary steps it has taken. Firstly, while the major advances made by previous Evolutions were mostly of a technological and engineering nature, Evolution X has leapt forward in the design field too.

“Secondly, we have the advances seen in Evolution X in terms of automotive technology. We gave much thought to what was necessary to realise further advances in Evolution’s road performance qualities: speed and acceleration, cornering, handling and braking. The answer: go back to the basics. Our focus in this process was not on absolute speed or acceleration but rather on-demand, feel-good acceleration. As a result Evolution X allows seamless acceleration with the flat torque generated from low engine speeds transmitted through, a new automated manual transmission, the Twin Clutch SST.

“After improving cornering performance, we beefed up the performance of the AYC system, which helps to alleviate tyre scrub, and also developed a new Active Stability Control (ASC) system that constantly monitors and operates to stabilise vehicle body attitude. Operation of the AYC and ASC components is integrally managed with that of the well-proven ACD and ABS specifications have been upgraded to provide the greater stiffness needed to maintain maximum tyre-surface contact under all circumstances. components to realise a significant and evolutionary leap forward in vehicle behaviour control. Also, both body and suspension

“Our last thrust in this area was directed at improving the car’s stopping ability. We focused on ensuring that the brakes provide even more consistent and predictable stopping power under all circumstances. Using technology and know-how fed back from our motorsport activities, we have produced a braking system that provides highly consistent and predictable stopping power.”

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cazisk 14 September 2008 at 01:01  

All these technologies are good for avarage drivers but I think when you go on the track what really matters are skills and most professional drivers would probably turn off things like ASC which is essentially traction control.

A very nice car to have though =)

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